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January 17, 2022

New contract in the fishery market

We are very proud to announce signing of a new important contract, this time for delivery of a complete process factory for the vessel Arctic Pearl, a very exiting project for the shipowner Tau Tech in Ålesund.

The factory are developed for a most automated production of Iceland scallop, Chlamys Islandica, with a capacity of processing approximate 100 tons of harvested scallops pr day. The final product are pealed, single frozen muscles, ready for delivery to the market.

The contract includes developing an efficient and lean factory logistic, Bjørdal automation system, Bjørdal factory equipment and installation services. Delivery will take place mid 2022.

Arctic Pearl is the former vessel Ocean Duke which will now be rebuild to harvest the Iceland Scallop. The new harvesting methode is developed by Tau Tech and both harvesting and the Bjørdal process plant are based upon the most sustainable methodes, aiming to use all raw materials.

PE Bjørdal have during the years been known for developing highly efficient and lean factories both for white fish and snow-/king crab in addition to having a thorough knowledge of processing high quality seafood. The Iceland scallop contract is a result of this compethence in addition to the ability to develop new solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We are for sure looking forward to being part of this important project.

Bjørn Meek, CEO of PE Bjørdal comments

"It is very satisfying to see that Iceland scallops now can be harvested in a way that allows exploitation without harming the seabed. With our competence in on-board processing, we do look forward to deliver this project we are sure to be a new start of exploitation of this excellent seafood."

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Oddbjørn Følsvik

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New contract in the fishery market

New contract in the fishery market