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October 18, 2021

New contract in the fishery market

PE Bjørdal have signed a new contract for delivery of factory for the new build Polarbris, at Karstensen Shipyard, for the shipowner Polarbris.

The contract includes an efficient and rational factory, Bjørdal Automation System, Bjørdal factory equipment and installation services. Delivery will take place at the end of 2022.

The factory is developed for a combined fishing season through the year with flexibility to produce and freeze HG cod, saithe and haddoc in addition to fishing and freezing of calanus.

Polarbris is a coastal fishing vessel equipped for danish seining with a Length of 43,5 meter and a widht of 11,5 meter. Design is by Karstensen Shipyard.

PE Bjørdal has through the years become known for developing efficient and flexible factories for both white fish and king - / snowcrab in addition to a thorough compethence in seafood processing. This contract is clearly a result of this experience.

We have throughout the last year signed a number of different factory contracts for delivery into 2023 and we are proud that also Kjell-Gunnar Hoddevik and his partner Johnny Årvik, in Polarbris, have chosen PE Bjørdal as supplier for this project.

Bjørdal Automation System and factory equipment will be produced in Norway.

Bjørn Meek, CEO of PE Bjørdal, states:

It is a pleasure that also Polarbris choses PE Bjørdal as supplier and this confirms our position in the fishery market. It is also good to see another fine recognition of all parts of PE Bjørdal that makes this possible.

In the picture of contract signing, from left

Kent Damgård (Karstensen Shipyard) , Per Magne Gjerde and Kjell-Gunnar Hoddevik (Polarbris)

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New contract in the fishery market

New contract in the fishery market